CS609  - Fall 2016
Assignment 4
NoSQL DB Presentation

Date:  10/31-11/7  NoSQL Presentation Schedule
        Oct. 31:   Neo4j:  Pezhman,  KumoFS: Matthew
        Nov. 2:    DynamoDB: Ben,  Nasir: CouchDB
        Nov. 7:   Apache HBASE:  Alekhya, Cassandra:  Vidya

You will give a 30-35 minute talk in class about your NoSQL DB.

The talk should introduce the DB and its classification, describe various aspects of the DB, such as:

You also need to present a short demo of your NoSQL DB.  Since it is available as freeware, download the DB, populate it with some data, run some queries, etc. This means, show your data, queries, etc. in your talk as well.