CS609 Fall 2016


Assignment 1 - 9/12 turn in hard copy in class Solution

Assignment 2 - 9/25 email program to vrbsky@cs.ua.edu by midnight

Assignment 3 - 9/30 choose an Open/free NoSQL DB for presentation and email your choice to me - first come first served if there is a conflict

Assignment 4 - 10/31-11/7     NoSQL Presentations
        Oct. 31:   Neo4j:  Pezhman,  KumoFS: Matthew
        Nov. 2:    DynamoDB: Ben,  Nasir: CouchDB
        Nov. 7:   Apache HBASE:  Alekhya, Cassandra:  Vidya

Assignment 5 - 11/14   Preliminary design, description of your NoSQL DB for the Final Exam Project
        This should include a brief description of your NoSQL DB, the grammar for your query language, how you will implement indexes (e.g. data structures used), logging, and any other aspect of your DB

Assignment 6 -11/14, 11/16, 11/28  Lead a discussion of a NoSQL paper.  Choose one of the following or select a paper yourself:
  paper1  paper2  paper3  paper4  paper5  paper6  paper7

Final Exam Project - 12/6 - Make available to rest of the class 

Email me the Evaluation of all Final Exam Projects 12/6 after presentations -  Individual assignment
Include information about your DB as well, e.g. aspects you would like to implement, things you would change, etc.